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“Brook’s artistry inspires throughout.”
–Publishers Weekly

Points of Inspiration:
An Artist’s Journey with Painting and Photography

Points of Inspiration Cover

Design, writing, paintings, and photography by LeeAnn Brook
Foreword by award-winning poet Molly Fisk
11” x 8.5” Hardcover with dust jacket
140 full-color images throughout
96 pages

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logo-consumer“Starred” Review from Publishers Weekly (see review below) 


2015 Independent Publisher Book Awards
National Division, Silver Medal, Fine Art category

2015 Next Generation Indie Book Awards
National Divisions:
Winner, Best Overall Design
Non-Fiction category

Finalist, General Non-Fiction category

2015  National Indie Excellence Awards
Winner, Fine Art category


“This magnificent debut from Brook, a photographer, painter, and graphic artist, showcases 150 full-color photographs and paintings by the artist, accompanied by her thoughtful reflections on the inspiration she derives from observing nature. Brook reveals that there is a wonderful serendipity to her work when she happens upon a “rusted boat… a cobblestone street… light on a quaking aspen.” New material frequently builds upon previous work, leading to an intriguing harmony between photographs and paintings: repetitive lines, textures, and colors from a weathered boat captured in a photograph show up years later in a painting of water lilies, and an intricate Victorian gate foretells a future color palette. Lavishly descriptive wording—“primal elements,” “quiet details,” “tapestry,” and “spontaneity”—enriches the narrative as Brooks provides an intimate explanation of her creative process. The paintings are vivid and scenic: a silver-gray reflection of tree lines and curves is reimagined in glorious colors, contours from a tile in Italy’s Sistine Chapel take on movement in a windy garden, and a rock pattern reflection becomes an abstract form. Brook’s artistry inspires throughout.”

—Publishers Weekly


“In her very fine visual memoir, painter LeeAnn Brook weaves tales about creativity that go deep into her own process. Each image in the book has a story and a history that links it to other images and to the artist’s life and her previous work.

The beauty of Brook’s work is unassailable, and the level of craft is obvious on every page. Nature is her muse, particularly rivers, ponds, and trees. Brook grew up in New England in a small town and her visual loves originate in an unspoiled landscape. This book is a brave, intimate look at the life of a painter, at the roots of her creativity, and at how she sees the world.”
—Eleanor Vincent, author of the award-winning book, Swimming with Maya

“In Points of Inspiration, Brook not only shares her rich, distinctive artwork, but also provides a unique insight into her process – a meditative, luminous book!”
—Kim Culbertson, author of Catch a Falling Star and Instructions for a Broken Heart, a 2012 Northern California Book Award winner