2017 Two Day Painting Workshop Retreats with LeeAnn Brook


10 am – 3:00 pm
Nevada City Veterans Hall, 415 N. Pine St., Nevada City, CA
Pre-registration required, class size is limited. Availability on a first-come, first-served basis
Students to supply their own materials in acrylics from list provided
Lodging information is available for out of area students

Pay as you go: 
$280 per Two Day Workshop
Payment due 30 days in advance of each workshop


Quantity Discounts
Payment in full due by Dec. 15, 2016
$695 for 3 Two Day Workshops
$995 for all 5 Two Day Workshops

All fees are non-refundable

SIGN UPS: Please email or call 265-6817

With two studios located in Nevada City, California, LeeAnn Brook has painted in acrylics for over 40 years and has taught in her workshops for the past 10 years. Her experience as a professional painter brings a unique opportunity for students to learn firsthand. Her demonstrations and one-on-one coaching focus on learning the basics of working in acrylics while covering materials, color, design and technique.

The 2017 workshops will take on a unique opportunity where the student can experience having a larger block of time dedicated to their work in a 2 day retreat.


All classes are designed to benefit you wherever you are as a painter:

  • Work with a professional fine artist in a supportive, fun atmosphere
  • Relax with only needing to set up once—leave your supplies out overnight at the workshop
  • Have plenty of time to fully develop a painting, or…
  • Simply have the time to play and experiment through various exercises
  • Demos by instructor
  • Review work with a group critique at end of each day

Painting Workshop with LeeAnn Brook

January 7-8, 2017
Start Where You Are
Tools on how and where to begin, for all levels

This class sets the tone for a fresh look at your work for 2017
An important class for new as well as returning students

Feel stuck on finding ideas for a new painting? Looking for a new direction but don’t know where to start? Simply afraid to begin? This class will take away the fear and bring in the joy of finding inspiration.

  • Learn the basics of materials, paint, brushes, mediums and substrates to paint on, including new mediums and inexpensive “tools and tips”
  • Exercises in exploring design and composition in new ways
  • Working with a blank canvas…changing fear into inspiration
  • How to create a Morgue File for future paintings
  • Exercises on pushing inspiration further —how to keep the fire burning


February 18-19, 2017
Self Expression through Color and Mixed Media
The ins and outs of color development and unique applications      

An understanding of color is the key element that sets apart the amateur from the serious painter—you can never take this class too many times! Incorporates unique aspects of mixed media, including collage and texture applications while exploring color.

  • Learn about color mixing, color theory, and how to build a painting
  • Exercises in how to change your usual color choices into richer, more meaningful considerations
  • How to make a color “move” when painting
  • Explore the use of mixed media to “charge” a painting with depth in color


March 11-12
Inspired Painting
Loosen up with expressive painting, bringing energy and “life” into your paintings      

  • Exercises in learning how to find personal inspiration
  • Learn how to loosen up with more expressive strokes—from the brush to a palette knife and beyond
  • Use your personal color palette developed in the previous Color class
  • Exercises in developing themes for future paintings


April 15-16
Exploring the abstract with mixed media    

One of the more difficult styles of painting, this class will reduce the fear and heighten the excitement of abstract painting through the use of mixed media.

  • Exercises on how to interpret the representational into an abstract
  • Loosen up with mixed media applications including collage and texture techniques
  • Learn how to go from a lack of direction to a bold statement when developing your abstract


May 20-21
Beneath the Surface
Exploration with collage and mixed media   

A playful workshop on opening a “bag of tricks” of various painting techniques using mixed media

  • Learn how to create depth and intrigue through the use of mixed media
  • Loosen up with mixed media applications including collage and texture techniques
  • Experiment with a new direction in your painting


June 2,  3-5 p.m. at LeeAnn Brook Fine Art

SPECIAL! Golden Products Demonstration
Learn and see demos of new Golden Paint products from a company representative. Reservations only, limited seating.   Sign up here

June 3-4

Add Texture to Your Paintings
Apply what you learned in the demo on June 2

  • Learn how to build texture and depth into your paintings
  • Work with opaque and transparent pigments to work with texture properly
  • Use materials found in a hardware store as well as professional pigments


Art Association of Jackson Hole
Watch for New Dates!

Inspired Painting
A 2 Day Workshop with LeeAnn Brook


I am thrilled to announce that I will be teaching another 2 day painting workshop at the gorgeous facility of the Art Association of Jackson Hole this Spring. Known for it’s pristine mountainous environment filled with color, it is also a huge art scene with inspiring galleries lining the downtown. Come join me for what is promised to be a memorable experience!



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