frank francis

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Photography for Frank Francis evolved slowly from long contact with the natural world, through backpacking, hiking, skiing, fishing, in the mountains, and rivers of the western United States. Frank and his family, seeking a rural life, came to Nevada County, California from San Francisco in 1963. He practiced law in Nevada City, CA until 1977 when he was appointed to the Superior Court, and served as a Superior Court judge in Nevada County, California, retiring in 1997.  

The camera and an urge for adventure have taken him to very remote corners of the world, including Mongolia, the Middle East, and multiple trips to Africa, Bangladesh, India, and Myanmar.  The mode of travel has been, most often, by small boat, jeep or on foot. Except for a guide and boat crew, the trips have been solo in order to concentrate on photography.  The long trips on waterways have allowed a silent platform to watch the unchanged rhythms of life where daily tasks can take on memorable beauty, enhanced by the water and the sky.

For pricing for his custom-sized framed photographs, please contact us. His book and unframed photographs are available for purchase in our online store.